Advancing God's Mission

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RHC's three core values are gospel, community and mission. We gladly partner with others in Boston, New England, North America, and around the globe to advance God's mission. We desire to promote the good of Medford and Greater Boston. The life of Jesus compels us to serve others through our words and deeds.

Greater Boston

Redeeming Grace Church

Beacon Community Church

Ellen - Reaching college students in Boston and beyond.

North America

NYC Nepalese Church 


Lily Family* - Equipping Training In Ministry Outreach (TIMO) teams, gospel-centered teams from the global church sent to plant reproducing churches, throughout Africa.

Cooper Family* - Reaching those on remote islands in South Asia. 

Elaina - A social worker seeking to provide fair job environments and labor for those in South Asia. 

Justin/Jackie* - Building churches in South Asia. 

* Names changed for security.

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