Sunday PREP - April 10, 2016

Posted by Tanner Turley on

Sunday P.R.E.P. is a weekly tool designed to enhance our Sunday gatherings at Redemption Hill. As we individually pray, reflect, expect and pursue, God will prepare us for his great work in our worship together.



Praise is part of prayer. To praise is to attribute worth, honor or glory to someone or something. During this 5th Anniversary week, it's only right to pause. and praise God for what he has done with Redemption Hill. Everything about us is a result of his grace!


You know, the church is not a building. It's a group of people committed to following Jesus and welcoming all who wish to explore knowing God through Jesus. Take a moment to reflect on the great people who make up RHC. Consider how you can continue to invest in friendships and grow with others.


Yo! Sunday is gonna be wicked awesome. God's goodness will be on display in the service, songs, sermon, and more. God's goodness will be on display with festive music, unbelievable food, great conversation. Expect to walk in and walk out with a smile, because Jesus is just that good.


I'm so hype about this Sunday, and more importantly about how good God is, that I have to invite some friends. What about you? Use our Facebook Event as one simple way to get the word out:


In the City. For the City. As a City within the great City of Medford and Greater Boston.



"I Am Not The Same" - Unhindered

"God Is Able" - Hillsong

"Greatness Of Our God" - Hillsong

"All I Have Is Christ" - Sovereign Grace