REdemption Hill 

exists to glorify God by living out His mission as a
community transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.



The gospel is the good news that God is redeeming people for himself and restoring his good creation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the power of God to change lives and renew cultures. It will motivate everything we do as a church. It will change the way we love, give, serve, speak, parent, and view others. Because we know God and his gospel through the Bible, we will saturate everything we do with God’s Word. Ultimately, to say we value the gospel is to say we treasure Christ more than anything life can give or death can take away.


The gospel creates a new community of people who covenant to live life together as the church. Like the early church, we will gather for corporate worship and in small groups throughout the week. We will strive to be a diverse and friendly community of faith welcoming people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Because Jesus said that our love for one another demonstrates that we belong to him, we will serve one another, pray for one another, support one another, rejoice with one another, and bear one another’s burdens. As we live in community we will point to the veracity and power of the gospel.


The gospel also calls us to be a part of God’s mission. Just as God seeks to glorify himself through redeeming worshipers and restoring his good creation, we will seek to glorify him by declaring and displaying the gospel in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and social networks. This means that every member of Redemption Hill will live like a missionary by striving to make disciples of all nations. We will also labor sacrificially for the good of our city and the world by engaging in deeds of mercy. Ultimately, we desire to play our part in God’s mission of redemption by planting churches from Boston to the ends of the earth.

Our STory

Redemption Hill Church is a Christian church located in Medford, MA. Believe it or not, our story will be forever linked with the Boston Red Sox. On August 2nd, 2005, our lead pastor, Tanner Turley, a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation, visited Boston and Fenway Park for the first time. After a Sox win, a walk down Newbury Street, and some time in the Boston Common, he began envisioning the possibility of starting a new church in Greater Boston. That possibility became a reality on April 10, 2011.

Since then God has built an amazing group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things empowered by what Jesus has done for them. Redemption Hill is a thumbprint of Medford and our surrounding communities.  You will join people from diverse ethnic, generational, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds. Redemption Hill includes people who have been following Jesus for many years, some new to the journey of faith, and others exploring Christianity for the first time. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, we want you to join us!

In the beginning of 2018 we started to rent space in Medford Square. Our Redemption Hill Community Center has given us so many opportunities to meet with people and serve our Community. Over the past several years as a church in the city for the city we have put on several free community events. You may have joined us for Soccer Nights, Community Fun Day/Night, Medford Eggstravaganza, Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, Summer Movie Night, Serve Medford Week. Find out more information about our SERVE Medford efforts- here. We desire to be a community of people who embody the redemption found in Jesus. It is amazing to watch people take the small story of their lives and connect to God’s greater story of freedom, hope, and love.If you have questions about what it means to connect with God through Christ, please click here for an introduction or contact   with questions.

our 2022 Vision


We see a church full of people gifted by God’s Spirit for the good of others. As each person’s unique design is discovered, lived, and celebrated with equal excitement, we will collectively take thousands of joyful steps to serve others! Countless deeds of mercy, kindness, hospitality, healing, teaching, encouragement, and more will lead to story after story of the supernatural becoming natural and God’s love going public in every corner of our church and city. Redemption Hill will be a church where everyone lives empowered everywhere!


Our Partners