Urgent Request

Urgent Request – Temporary Housing for Afghan Refugees:

RHC Family,

We recently received an alert from Boston’s Emmanuel Gospel Center detailing the need for an expected influx of refugees from Afghanistan. The Scriptures are full of exhortations for us to extend compassion to the sojourner so we are sharing this need with you directly.

Sarah Blumenshine, Director of Intercultural Ministries, writes:
I’m sure you’re all aware of the rapidly evolving situation in Afghanistan over the past few weeks. I’ve received word from three local resettlement agencies that they will be receiving several hundred Afghan families within the next several weeks. To put this in perspective, all of Massachusetts didn’t receive that many families in all of FY20. The system shrank and now we have an influx. In brief:
  • Temporary housing is needed for 2-3 months
  • Families are already in country, have tested negative for COVID and have been vaccinated
  • They were evacuated because of their ties to the US government 
  • Host homes must be within 41 miles of Boston, ideally close to public transit
  • Stipends will be provided for food
  • Resettlement agency will be responsible for initiating legal asylum process I’m looking for individuals who are able to provide temporary housing, as well as churches who would be willing to put this out to their parishioners. Feel free to share this email or refer people to me directly. 

Thank you,