Word and Prayer Resources

We invite you to join us in 2022 as we collectively take steps to spend regular time with God. Wherever you are in your journey with God, take a next step. Here are some great next steps to consider in 2022:
  • Read a chapter in the Bible 5 days/week.
  • Spend at least one intentional time-slot in prayer 5 days/week outside of mealtimes.
  • Write down at least one key takeaway (a phrase, verse, thought, impression from the Spirit, prayer request, answer to prayer) a day from time in Bible reading and Prayer.
  • Strive to fast from something in some intentional way at least once a month.


Bible Reading Plan Devotional Guide Memorization Cards Bookmark 5x8 Devotional Guide

What should I read in the Bible?
As a church in 2022, we're going to be following the F260 Bible Reading Plan. Here are the highlights of this plan:
  • You'll read 1 chapter a day, 5 days a week (the other 2 days you can catch up or read something else).
  • We will cover the entire New Testament in 2021.
  • The first week begins on January 3.
  • If you join us later in the year, just pick up and join us where we are in the plan.
You can access the plan in the following ways:

Additional reading plan options if you want to go above and beyond:
How should I craft my time with God?

Check out the following Devotional Guide to help you craft your time with God. It's available in three formats:

Resources for Bible Reading
Resources for Prayer
Resources for Bible Memorization
  • Download the Bible Memory App here and then join the RHC Group by following this link (We are not searchable in their database yet).
  • Verse Cards that you can download and print.