The Biblical Theology Workshop for Women

Saturday, October 15, 2022

The Biblical Theology Workshop for Women

The Biblical Theology Workshop for Women with Nancy Guthrie at Genesis Church in Woburn

Our friends at GENESIS church are hosting Nancy Guthrie of The Gospel Coalition as she brings this interactive biblical theology workshop to women. We are organizing a group of women at RHC to join!

This workshop is accessible for the woman who’s brand-new to the Bible, and rich with discovery for the woman who’s been studying it for decades! Over three sessions, women will work together to:

Tell the Bible’s Big Story;
Trace the Bible’s Main Themes; and
Make the Bible’s Intended Connections

For more information about Nancy and this workshop, visit Nancy Guthrie's website.

Registration through eventbrite will open AUGUST 1st. If interested, please FILL OUT THIS FORM NOW so that we can give you the registration link!

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