The church of Jesus Christ is a family that is on a mission together. Therefore, to join Redemption Hill Church is to join a family and join a mission.  We believe becoming a member of a local church is one of life’s most important decisions because the church is the primary vehicle through which the gospel and the glory of God are displayed to the world. Are you interested in exploring more about RHC and pursuing membership? If so, we have a simple three-step process. The process is designed to help you get to know Redemption Hill Church and for the church to get to know you.

Step 1: Covenant CLass

Attending a “Covenant Class” provides an opportunity for you to hear all about Redemption Hill. We share about who we are, what we believe, and how we seek to live out our faith as a church. Please note, that your attendance does not obligate you to join. Sign up here for any of the Covenant Classes we will offer this year. 

Step 2: conversation

After attending the Covenant Class, we’ll ask you to briefly complete a  “Membership Introduction Form”  as a signal that you are ready to proceed.  Once that form is received, an easy conversation between you and at least one Elder will be conveniently scheduled.  During that personal discussion, there will be ample opportunity to ask questions and clarify intentions. 

Step 3: Covenant

After a conversation with an Elder is completed, the full Body of Elders will review your request.  Then, upon a recommendation from the Body of Elders, a Membership Vote is taken during an official Member’s Meeting.  Affirmed members are asked to signify their commitment by signing the “Membership Covenant”.  The spirit of this covenant symbolizes a set of promises between you and all other members at RHC.  


At Covenant Class, you will have the opportunity to learn about our mission, values and vision as well as the meaning of membership. This is the first step in the Membership process. If you consider Redemption Hill Church your church family and are ready to make that commitment to go all in this is the best next step for you!

Upcoming Dates: July 21st and September 22nd