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At “Redemption Hill Church”, we ask if we had to close our doors today, would our city even take notice?  As a community of faith, we seek to add value to the life of our city, beyond the four walls of our gatherings, through a corporate lifestyle that we call “SERVE Medford”.  Extending beyond a special day or a specific program, it is an attitude of considering the needs of others and then taking action with our heads, hearts, and hands to make a difference. 

Check out some of our yearly efforts below! If there is a tangible way we can serve you or your business or if you would like to more information about partnering with us in the Medford community, please contact us!

Serve During Covid-19

Historically, in the face of pandemic disease, followers of Christ have boldly, sacrificially, and lovingly responded to the felt needs of those affected – even with some risk to themselves.  We affirm that the gospel is not quarantined, therefore, we will love and serve others with both wise and compassionate action.  Amidst uncertainty, we will monitor and adjust our efforts with creativity and perseverance both as an organized church and as catalyzed individuals as we meet the needs of others within and outside the church body, whether we live in Medford or not.

Whether you live in Medford or not, there are ways you can meet very specific felt needs in Greater Medford:

  • Seniors, Vulnerable Groups, and Food Action Team: If interested, complete form.
  • Mystic Community Market: Email –  or Call 617-629-5120
  • Medford Free Food Distribution Centers: Information & Contacts here.
  • Medford Micropantries (5): “One Day, One Pantry” – Sign-Up for Micropantry.
  • Join Redemption Hill Church’s Communications Strategy Team: If interested, complete form.

Serve Medford Week

Park Revitalization, Family Fun Games, and Free Treats!

Each year in the month of June we partner with  the Medford DPW to revitalize a park in Medford! In the past we have x,y, and z at x,y, and z. In 2019 we will be at Morrison Park to rebuild the playground, play basketball, play kickball, and give out ice cream and watermelon!  

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Summer Kick-Off

At the end of Serve Medford week we kick off the Summer with free BBQ, games, community booths, and an outdoor movie! This is always held the Friday night after Serve Medford Week. In the past we have partnered with the Malden YMCA, x, and z! This is always a great event and we have a lot of fun celebrating the newly renovated park and summer nights with you!

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Medford Soccer Nights

Redemption Hill Church has been the main sponsor of Soccer Nights since 2011! Soccer Nights is a week long free soccer program for kids ages 5-12 which brings communiteis together around the joy of soccer.

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Turkey Meal Giveaway

Each year we partner with XXX to bring turkey meals to families in need in the Medford area. Over the years we have been able to give away XXX meals! We do this each year the Saturday before Thanksgiving! Each meal costs us around $25- you can give below to help feed a family! 


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Easter Eggstravaganza

Every year we celebrate Easter with a Free Community Egg Hunt! We provide pizza, refreshments, face painting, balloon animals, carnvial games, and an Epic Easter Egg Hunt! It is such a fun event that we would love to have you join us! This Eggstravaganza is held each year the Saturday before Easter typically at Andrews Middle School. 

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