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Sometimes in life we find ourselves needing a little bit of help. We would love to come alongside of you and provide you with resources and prayer in your time of need! 

There are times when you may desire a caring partner in prayer.  We are a praying church that believes that God has an available listening ear.  To begin the process of sharing your concerns and receiving support, click HERE.

The Benevolence Fund

The Apostle John wrote a compelling question and a strong encouragement to those that he shepherded:  “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?  Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”  [1 John 3:17-18] 

 These words challenge us as individual followers of Christ and are often acted upon in our Community Groups, Serve Teams, and other Ministries.  However, we recognize that there are times when one person’s material needs is greater than the resources of any one kind individual or small group.  Therefore, when need outstrips resources, Redemption Hill Church – as the Body of Christ - wants to be ready to respond to those suffering in our church through “The Benevolence Fund”.

How can I request Assistance? What is the Process?

The first step to receiving help is to let us know about you and your situation.  We really want to know when you are experiencing a financial crisis.  We want to work with you to find relief and solutions.  We want to be God’s hands of mercy during your difficult challenge.

 If you are currently experiencing hardship during any season of uncertainty, let us know by completing this simple REQUEST FOR HELP.  All of our communications are discreet.  Once received, we’ll confidentially connect you to our Benevolence Team.  Shortly after contacting us, a member of our team will be in touch to further review your need.  Our assessment process will include a personal conversation as well the completion of an “Initial Intake Form” which is designed for us to best understand your situation.  Then, our team will prayerfully consider how to assist you with wisdom and compassion.  Soon afterwards, you will be contacted about best next steps.


What are the priorities of financial assistance?

Like many things in life, funds are limited.  Therefore, requests for funding that are most typically supported and approved may include items such as the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter – as well as medical expenses, emergency repairs, and basic transportation.  Requests for funding that are rarely, if never, approved include school tuition and fees, business ventures, investments, credit card payments, fines and penalties, and housing for unmarried co-habiting couples.

 Additionally, despite our heart-felt desire to meet all of the financial needs for all people encountered, we recognize the reality of our own limits while trusting the sovereignty of God to provide beyond what we are able.  We also recognize the biblical call for a local church to care for its own members well.  Therefore, priority consideration is given to the needs of RHC Members in fulfillment of the Member’s Covenant while also considering the needs of our attenders and guests joining our corporate worship experiences and living locally.  Of course, we will always continue to seek the benefit of our community through efforts like SERVE Medford and through referrals to other local resources providing assistance to those in need.

Can I refer someone for assistance?

While we always encourage individuals to ask when help is needed, we do recognize that there are times when a caring friend or ministry leader observes need and desires to share their concern.  Use the same REQUEST FOR HELP form to alert our Benevolence Team but be sure to indicate that you are inquiring on behalf of another person.

How Can I give a financial gift to help with assistance?

RHC has established The Benevolence Fund in order to have financial resources for our Benevolence Team to share on behalf of our congregation.  Oftentimes, you may be a person who has experienced need in life but has been blessed to have enough today.  You can consider sharing a gift of gratitude and sacrifice for someone else.

 We encourage you to make a donation, above and beyond your regular offerings, as we collect financial gifts for relieving urgent need.  All monies received will be reserved for the purpose of wisely sharing with those who are struggling with basic material needs within Redemption Hill Church

To participate through electronic transfer, go to  When you indicate your gift, make sure to select The Benevolence Fund so your gift is reserved for compassion.  If you need help establishing your online giving, instructions can be found at the bottom of that page.  (If you need personal assistance, contact we'll be glad to assist you. 

 If you would rather send a check, make it out to RHC with a memo for The Benevolence Fund.  Mail it to:  RHC, PO Box 482, Medford MA 02155. 

 [Just a reminder that some congregants have also found success applying for matching grants with their employer.  If you find yourself with that opportunity, take full advantage.]  

It is our hope that as a Church united, we answer the call to respond generously as we love those in our midst well.  As the Apostle John exhorted, “…Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

Community Resources

We encourage individuals and families to understand and access resources available within the community for meeting the following basics needs.  If we can help you navigate some of these options, let us know.


There are times when due to life's struggle you may need food. Click HERE, to find a list of potential places in the community that provide free meals and food for families in need. 


There are times when you may find yourself or your family in need of a place to stay. Click HERE for a list of places within the community that provide free or discounted housing to families in need. 


There are times when it is helpful to receive short-term pastoral counseling or to receive a referral to a community provider more appropriate for your unique situation.  To begin the process of identifying the right resource, click HERE.