2021 Vision:

1,000,000 Minutes with God

2021 Vision Statement

Our vision for 2021 is that RHC would spend 1,000,000 Minutes with God - that's 1% of each of our attender's days (15 minutes) in focused, face to face time with God. 15 (min) x 7 (days) x 52 (weeks) x 200 people = 1,092,000 Minutes! What does this mean for Redemption Hill in 2021? It means we want to put our best energy and focus into these key areas:

  • Personal Discipleship: Help you encounter Jesus daily
  • Discipleship: Equip you to follow Jesus in all of life
  • Disciple-Making: Prepare you to help others follow Jesus

Let's pray that 2021 is a year full of celebration as we come face to face with God.

2021 Vision Sermon

Learn more about experiencing God's changing power through daily encounters with Jesus. Watch Pastor Tanner share our 2021 vision.

Some questions to consider:

  • How is God changing you?
  • How is God changing others through you?

Why you should pursue 1,000,000 minutes with God:

  1. God really, really LOVES YOU!
  2. Strength for life!
  3. Impact for Jesus wherever we go!
  4. Legacy of faith influencing generations!
Here are some ways you can participate this year:



Join us in-person on Sunday

Connect with a Group

Serve with a team